New site!

 Hello guys! We finally can announce you a new our site called snaPeaz Musics

 In this new site, you can found;

 Musics + download link;

 Lyrics in correct category.

 We still are not finished our site, so we are glad, if you guys write us your suggestions :)

 So, have a good music feeling!

Sad Puppy released new song called "All I Really Need"

 Hello guys. Today we presenting new song, created by Sad Puppy

 This authors is very talented and have the potential for his creating musics. Today we publish his newest song called "All I Really Need"

  •  Author introduce


We are Sad Puppy and we're introducing you our latest song "All I Really Need" to snaPeaz Music !
Enjoy & support this amazing channel !
  •  About this song;

snaPeaz Musics think, this song is best of this author songs.


When starting this music, we loved this song by first seconds.

 This song have a real big bass in start;

 Nice vocal;

 Vibes is simple, but very good there are placed, that's why, this song is so good.

 So, please listen, ar rate this authors newest song now!

You Awake x Mike L released new remix!

 Hello guys.

 Remember Helion with his friends Refeci and TAW? They called You Awake.

Feb 19, 2017 they released new remix with Mike L of song Martin Garrix - Scared To Be Lonely

 So, please listen these young remixers new remix!